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How to Roast Coffee Beans
Feb 03

The Untold Secret To Roast Coffee Beans In Less Than Ten Minutes

By Melissa Watson | Guides

If you compare wine-making at home and roasting coffee beans, the latter is easier and gives far better, even excellent, results if you know how to roast coffee beans at home.

There are several models of coffee bean roaster available in the market, but the good news is, you can do the coffee bean roasting at home even without any special roasting equipment. You can do it with the use of a simple popcorn maker or even using your good old frying pan. The important thing is, the apparatus you are going to use must be very clean. Nothing is worse than having that taste of fish or butter in your coffee!

How to Roast Coffee Beans?

First stop is to get coffee beans that are of good quality. And when you do start roasting, darker roasts contain less caffeine compared to lightly roasted ones and not as acidic as the latter, too.

The ideal heat for roasting your beans is between 223 degrees to 262 degrees Celsius. Roasting results in a lot of smoke, so make sure your kitchen is properly ventilated by using a fan or the exhaust of your stove. No odor comes out of the beans as they are roasted, but to be sure, just open your windows widely and make sure you inform the whole household about your intention. Better yet, do it when you have the whole house to yourself. Do not forget to turn off any smoke detectors in your house, too.

Put your beans into your coffee bean roaster – might be espresso – then turn up the heat. Some roasters have fitted thermometers on them for you to gauge the right temperature for your beans. A portable thermometer, like a candy thermometer, is the best one to use if you are using a frying pan to roast your beans.

When to Stop Roasting the Coffee Beans?

As you roast, you will notice that the beans will change color, turning into a yellowish tinge, then later on to brown. How dark they will go depends on you.

Eventually, the beans will start to release oil and water the longer they are subjected to the heat. They will also start to crack loudly like pop-corns. This is quite normal. To make sure that all beans are roasted perfectly and evenly, stir them continuously once in a while and hold them in the heat … Read the rest

buy coffee grinder
Jan 21

If You Want To Buy Coffee Grinder, Here are 6 Invaluable Things To Know

By Melissa Watson | Guides

Coffee making has continued the same for hundreds of years until the introduction of automatic coffee makers. Coffee makers have drastically changed the simplicity of brewing coffee at home by replacing all the watching and brewing. Regrettably, a devotee of coffee would have to either drive to a coffee shop for freshly ground coffee or endure through the less than high-quality flavor. In comes the increase in popularity of the home coffee grinder. For the selective java drinker, a home coffee grinder is a must have.

There are countless coffee grinder models and makers out there to purchase. With such a fantastic option to pick from, how do you choose the best coffee grinders? Below are a few points on how to select the best coffee grinder.

1. Burr and Blade Coffee Grinder

For a beginner coffee grinder purchaser, the blade coffee grinder will serve you well. Granted it does not offer the uniform grinding provided by a conical burr coffee grinder. Users may claim that this burr grinding enables optimal flavor extraction from the grounds. Notwithstanding, starting out, getting a blade coffee grinder takes you far ahead of consuming factory ground coffee. Thus, if you’re just want an experiment in the coffee grinder, then purchase a blade coffee grinder which is ordinarily less expensive.


However, if you are sincere about going hardcore into grinding, or maybe you have been grinding for some time and want to switch from an old blade grinder, look into upgrading to a burr grinder. A burr grinder crushes the beans and gives you a uniform grinding size. Besides, due to the warmth that is sometimes generated by a blade grinder, burr grinders have reduced the impact on the flavor of the grounds made.

2. Warranty Period

Make sure to pick a coffee grinder that gives, at least, a one year guarantee for it. Any kitchen product that does not offer a warranty or offers under a year for its guarantee provides you with a snapshot into the amount of confidence the maker holds in their appliance’s performance and durability.

3. Fineness Adjustment

For the regular coffee experts, have the ability to to adjust how finely your grind is, is vital. For quick cups, for instance, espressos, you will need grounds very fine. However, for slower brews you will want a coarser grind for optimal flavor. Regardless if you think your preferences are set and … Read the rest

cleaning a coffee grinder
Jan 16

How to Clean Your Coffee Grinder Under 1 Minute

By Melissa Watson | Guides

The top quality coffee grinder is important in retaining the flavour and aroma of your coffee grounds. If you buy coffee bean grinder, you could easily have fantastic tasting your coffee every day.
But because coffee beans, in particular, the dark ones, you require cleaning up your grinder after using.

Here is a step by step instruction on how to clean your coffee grinder for one minute. After reading this tips, you will be easy to clean coffee grinder.

All you need is a some of the rice; you can clean coffee grinder with rice. It is particularly useful if you value your craft coffee and don’t want any stale grinds in tomorrow’s cup.

Firstly, you will need four about 1/3 or 1/4 cup rice into your coffee grinder, after that grind the rice for about a minute until it looks like dust. The rice bits will both dislodge remaining spices and absorb their fragrant oils, eliminating all traces of flavor.

Finally, dump out the rice-sand and then wipe out the remaining rice-dust with a clean. Now your coffee grinder is cleaned by the simple way as mentioned above.

You can watch the below video for further information.

Read the rest
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