Best Coffee Grinder: A Guide To The Best Grind – From Espresso to French Press

You wake up in the morning groggy and tired from the night before, your body calling out for its shot of bliss, of energy. You get up, pour yourself a steaming cup of coffee, and you find that it’s just…bitter? Underwhelming? Flavorless?

The second most important element to making the perfect cup of coffee after the freshness of the beans is how expertly they are ground. Finer, consistent grinds will burst with flavor and well cut coarser grinds will give you an incredible French-press experience.

So don’t settle, get something that will make each morning brighter and give yourself something to look forward to. Make your days that much better by choosing the best grinder for you. We’ll take a look at some of the best coffee grinders machine on the market to help you decide what you need to treat yourself the way you deserve. Here are lists of the best grind and brew coffee makers 2016 you can discover.

ProductBaratza Virtuoso Capresso 565 Infinity Bodum Bistro Electric Breville BCG800XL
Weight8.6 lbs
4.2 lbs
4.6 lbs8.8 lbs
Positive Review205 reviews4088 reviews1921 reviews906 reviews
Dimensions14.5 x 7.5 x 7 inches
7.8 x 14.6 x 9.6 inches
12.5 x 7.6 x 7.1 inches15.5 x 6 x 8.25 inches
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The Capresso 565.05 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder is a best coffee maker with grinder, affordable option for those who want high-quality coffee without investing too much. It has a sleek, stainless steel body that looks as good as the espresso it makes. Despite its versatility, it performs much better at finer settings.

The Baratza Virtuoso Conical Burr Grinder is a more professional coffee maker grinder machine for those who don’t mind shelling out more to ensure taste and control over calibration settings. Though it is primarily composed of plastic both outside and in, its elegance and power are evident.

The Breville BC G820BSSXL Smart Grinder Pro also falls into the more professional class of coffee grinders, and its price reflects that. What it might lack in overall raw power it more than makes up for with sheer precision. It is sturdy and soundless but it works best for finer coffee.

The Capresso 565.5 Infinity

Capresso 565.05 Infinity picIf you want consistent, amazing coffee, you go for the grinders with conical burrs. They outclass blade grinders in almost every way and perform vastly superior to flat burrs, which can be extremely inconsistent.

Consistent grind means consistent results which will ensure your coffee remains perfect every time. The Capresso Infinity is equipped with a powerful conical burr that aims to give you everything without hurting your wallet.

What To Consider

This machine boasts of its ability to be able to grind for Turkish Coffee and that is no easy feat. The problem with that ability, however, is that is leaves open the danger for coffee residue. The finer the coffee the easier it can get stuck in places that you don’t want it. The reality is that it can certainly grind that finely, but it doesn’t leave much room for it to do other things.

Part of what is important in a grinder is the ability to be versatile with different roasts. Most of us are not one trick ponies and want a little change here and there. Having a grinder that can accommodate for any adventurous coffee-making is very liberating.

The Capresso Infinity offers a very respectable 16 grind settings that allow you to tailor your coffee exactly the way you want to! Even so, it can struggle to produce consistent coarse output.

Part of the science to guaranteeing a great batch of coffee every single day is in grinding the coffee the exact same way every time. This was often a very annoying ordeal because it required you to sit and hold the grinding button while you timed yourself. The Capresso Infinity says “No more!” It features a great timer that can let you be consistent with your coffee time and time again without having to constantly supervise it.


The burr grinder works in conjunction with a system that reduces motor speeds while keeping the torque up, this produces less static and very little dust. It is also a relatively quiet machine which will make some people very happy! Its die-cast zinc frame is extremely durable and will keep the hardware on the inside well protected. The commercial espresso grinder and another medium to very fine grinds are phenomenal! You would be hard-pressed to find a better flavor for such a great price.


Unfortunately, this machine is ridiculously difficult to maintain clean. It was not designed with ease of upkeep in mind which can be very annoying for people who care about their coffee! The coffee often gets caught in the chute that the ground beans come out of and can remain lodged in the grinding chamber, both of which can’t be taken apart to be cleaned more easily.

The Capresso Infinity is horrible for coarser coffee-making which and alienates a significant part of the coffee-drinking population. Lastly, the container for the coffee beans is unjustifiably brittle, and both containers can pick up static (despite the slower motor) which can leave a mess.

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The Baratza Virtuoso

Baratza Virtuoso picFor the lover of coffee who wants more bangs for more bucks. This grinder emphasizes portability and style with its minimalist modern looking combination of jet black and stainless steel. It can cater to almost any palate with its surprisingly flexible calibration system. This is a professional grade machine that wants to give you professional-grade control over how your coffee comes out.

What to Consider

One of the coolest features that this coffee grinder offers is the pulse button. It can be used seamlessly with the long 60-second timer to retouch any slightly imperfect batches and give you the perfect amount of coffee. So many modern appliances are so focused on adding new technological features that they forget that you can combine old school elements with newer ones to get a product that is the best of both worlds!

Baratza also improved on their gearbox and recently came out with the Gearbox 2.0 which blows the old one out of the water. Not only is the Baratza Virtuoso more powerful because of it, but it is also even quieter!

Coupled with a high DC motor that slows the gear speed down to 450 RPM and makes for an even better grind with no static you get a mean machine that runs great and keeps your grinding extremely consistent. The Virtuoso comes with an automatic cutoff switch as well that senses temperature changes to keep your beans cool and fresh.

Though the Baratza Virtuoso comes already calibrated, if anything is not to your liking you can always modify it yourself so that you get the range of grinds that works best for you. This version also has many important features that the previous iteration lacked, namely the ability to grind fine enough for delicious espressos.


The grinding on this bad boy is phenomenal. Its range of options does not disappoint, and it remains pretty consistent at both ends of the coarseness/fineness spectrum. The pulse button is great. The amount of clumping is pretty minimal on this machine, and the containers are made from a special plastic that doesn’t retain static.

A huge plus is the fact that it can be pretty easy to clean, which can contribute to overall consistency of flavor in day to day use. The machine is pretty heavy overall and possesses a great motor that can grind through almost anything you feed it.


The most frustrating trait of the Baratza Virtuoso has to be its architecture. Though it looks beautiful on the outside, the construction is surprisingly shoddy. The control knob for the grind speed, a crucial and super simple element of the grinder, gives way too easily and falls off.

The inside of the machine is no better since it features an almost all-plastic interior that is clearly not built to last. A grinder as expensive as this one should use better materials. Replacing the burr after use can also require some recalibration that, if it happens often, can be frustrating.

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The Breville Smart Grinder Pro

Breville BCG820BSSXL picEven though the full name of this coffee grinder is a mouthful, you’ll almost certainly end up drinking huge mouthfuls of what you decide to make this extremely versatile creature. It is heavy, but in an imposing, powerful way that looks fresh and professional. Despite its relatively steep price, you’ll impress all of your friends and family once they get to taste what you grind with it.

What to Consider

It has 60 different grind settings. Let that sink in for a moment. This grinder is so precise there is just no way you don’t find your perfect “sweet spot.” You can go all the way from making the finest of the very excellent espressos to the coarsest of rough French presses. Take that with a modicum of salt, however, because like most other grinders that offer extremely fine grinds, this one sacrifices its ability to grind for coarseness to accommodate precision works that will never disappoint.

Having said that, tweaking with the Smart Grinder Pro’s versatility and taking advantage of its top burr that can be calibrated for even more grind versatility, it is possible to attain a satisfactory coarseness for most brews. You can also add time in 2-second intervals which can boost your accuracy dramatically and allow you to make the same amazing, consistent grinds every time.

With the Smart Grinder Pro, it is possible to grind directly into other containers as well which can be convenient if you don’t want to go through the possible redundancy of transferring the coffee from the grinder’s container to something else.


This is one of the faster coffee grinders out there! Between its DC motor and conical burr it will grind your coffee in a matter of seconds. It is also surprisingly quiet and lets you talk to anyone in your vicinity without disturbing the flow of conversation. Its sensitive, finely tuned timer and plethora of alternate grind settings give it an almost unparalleled versatility.


The tool that allows you to measure your dose can vary regarding accuracy that makes it a little unreliable to use. Like it has been stated before, it is not the best grinder for coarser settings so do not expect the best french press you’ve ever had. The one-foot cord is a startling shortcoming as well, considering that the standard is two feet. The plastic frame could be made from better materials, too.

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It is important to keep in mind what exactly it is you need when you are on the market for a grinder. It might be helpful to make a list of your favorite coffee grinder and brewer and how much you mind not having the option of making great French press.

Kuissential-Manual-Ceramic-Burr-Coffee-Grinder-HandIn terms of price, the Capresso Infinity is by far the least expensive and is currently available for practically half the cost of the other ones. The price makes the Infinity the most cost efficient as it offers a great frame and the crucial conical burr grinder usually found in more expensive grinders. Regarding grinding range, however, the Virtuoso still wins.

Even so, it is imperative that some smaller quality of life features factor into your decision as they can ultimately cause you to be dissatisfied with your purchase in the long run. Reduced static is key because static buildup can cause ground beans to burst out of their containers when they’re opened.

Though the amount that bursts forth is typically low, it can still be a hassle to clean up, especially if you get it on your clothes. The Baratza Virtuoso wins that race with its anti-static plastic, great DC motor and the new and improved Gearbox 2.0 technology.

Ability to clean is another aspect to be aware of because coffee residue can become stale and add bitterness or chunks to any future batches of coffee. A great coffee machine that can’t be cleaned will never be able to match the taste of the first batch you made on it so a grinder that is easy to maintain will increase the flavor and consistency of your coffee drinking.

The Baratza Virtuoso comes out on top of this feature too, making it the overall winner. If durability is what you want though, you might be better off with Breville’s Smart Grinder Pro.

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